system: device provider: weather/yahoo introduced in v0.1 externalPull

This plugin allows to query a current weather from Yahoo.

Before using this plugin you need to register a new Yahoo app and request weather API to be whitelisted.

Since it’s not a web app, you don’t need to configure redirect URL. After app registration you should have something similar to this:

For detailed instructions please refer to the official documentation.

Configuration options

Param Required Type Default Description
location yes string Location in format city, state, country. Check YQL for more details
appId yes string Yahoo Application ID
clientId yes string Yahoo Application’s client ID
clientSecret yes string Yahoo Application’s client secret
pollingInterval int 10 Interval in minutes between the updates
properties [string] List of properties to query

Supported properties

Property Type Description
temperature float Current temperature
humidity float Current humidity
pressure float Current atmospheric pressure
visibility float Current visibility
wind_direction float Current wind direction
wind_speed float Current wind speed
sunrise string Time of sunrise
sunset string Time of sunset
description string Text representation of the current condition

Supported commands



system: device
provider: weather/yahoo
name: oakland
location: Oakland, CA, US
appId: your-app-id
clientId: your-client-id
clientSecret: your-client-secret
  - temperature
  - description