system: device provider: lock/august introduced in v0.1 externalPull

August Smart Lock allows you to remotely lock/unlock your door. Locks support multiple communication protocols like bluetooth, remote. go-home supports only remote one. It means you’ll need to setup August Connect beforehand.

This provider supports secret storage and will automatically persist auth token upon obtaining/refreshing. Secret name has format <august-lock>-<installID> where installID is a concatenation of strings gohome and either installId or lockId if first one is empty. For example august-lock-gohomemylock.

To authorize go-home for API access, you’ll have to do second factor authentication. Upon startup, if token is empty, provider will attempt to request a verification token to be sent through the loginMethod channel. You’ll have to enter this token through the UI to register the provider.

Upon initial connect, provider will query all locks and output short details to the log. You can use it to look up lockId if you have more than one locks.

Don’t change installId when you’re adding a lockId to prevent token re-generation.

Configuration options

Param Required Type Default Description
loginMethod yes string email Which method was used for user registration
username yes string User name
password yes string Password
token string Authentication token if you know it
lockId yes* string Lock Identifier used in august API. If lockId is not specified, plugin will use first available lock
installId yes* string Random name for this API authorization. Either lockId or installId has to be defined. For example, you can use any random number here
pollingInterval int 30 Interval in seconds to wait between pulling updates from the lock. Minimal value is 2 seconds

Supported login methods

  • email
  • phone

Supported properties

Property Type Description
on bool Flag indicating whether lock is opened
battery_level percent Current battery level

Supported commands

Command Input Description
on Turns the device on
off Turns the device off
toggle Toggles the device state


system: device
provider: lock/august
name: front door
username: 123....
password: {{ sec "lock-secret" }}
loginMethod: phone
installId: mylock