system: device provider: light/zengge introduced in v0.1 internalPull

Zengge, a.k.a. Flux, a.k.a. Magic Home are cheap WiFi-enabled devices or dongles produced by various Chinese manufacturers.

Configuration options

Param Required Type Default Description
ip yes ipv4 IP address of the device
pollingInterval int 5 Interval in seconds to wait between pulling updates from the device

Supported properties

Property Type Description
on bool Flag indicating whether device is on
color {r,g,b} Current color

Supported commands

Command Input Description
on Turns the device on
off Turns the device off
toggle Toggles the device state
set-color {r,g,b} For colorful bulbs sets color


system: device
provider: light/zengge
name: cab-led
pollingInterval: 20