Philips HUE

system: device provider: hub/hue introduced in v0.1 internalPull

Plugin provides control of Philips HUE Hubs.

This provider supports secret storage and will automatically persist token in format hue-hub-<ip address>. E.g. hue-hub- token. If your hub is not configured to use static IP, make sure you’ve added token into config.

For the loaded groups, associated scenes will be loaded as well.

If token is not provided, make sure you’ve pressed the button on the top of the hub prior to launching go-home. If button is not pressed, registration won’t work.

Configuration options

Param Required Type Default Description
ip ipv4 IP address of the bridge. If it’s not provided plugin tries to discover it
token string Access token for the device. If it’s not provided, plugin tries to register a new user go-home
loadResources yes string lights Types of resource to load from hub
pollingInterval int 20 Interval in seconds to wait between pulling updates from the hub. First generation hubs start to throw errors if this values is too low, therefore minimal value is 2 seconds

Supported resources

  • * – load all supported
  • lights – physical lights
  • groups – logical groups

Supported properties

Property Type Description
on bool Flag indicating whether device is on
brightness percent Current brightness level
color {r,g,b} Current color
transition_time float For certain bulbs shows transition time to next state
scenes [string] For groups only shows list of predefined scenes

Supported commands

Command Input Description
on Turns the device on
off Turns the device off
toggle Toggles the device state
set-brightness percent Sets the device brightness
set-color {r,g,b} For colorful bulbs sets color
set-transition-time float For certain bulbs sets transition time
set-scene string For groups only, turns on one of the predefined scenes


system: device
provider: hub/hue
name: hue
  - "*"
pollingInterval: 5