VolantMQ is a high performance MQTT broker that aims to be fully compliant with MQTT specs.

chart: volantmq repo

VolantMQ is a reliable MQTT broker, written in Go and supporting most of the MQTT specs.

It supports authentication and perfect for RPis since its low resources consumption.

Configuration options

Section Param Default Description
nameOverride Use this to override name of the chart
namespace default Namespace to install app into
image gohomeio/volantmq Image name
tag 1.2.0 Image tag
pullPolicy IfNotPresent When to pull an image
cpu.requests 100m CPU request for the broker
cpu.limits 200m CPU limit for the broker
memory.requests 40Mi Memory request for the broker
memory.limits 120Mi Memory limit for the broker
http 8080 HTTP port. Used for health-checks only
mqtt 1883 MQTT port, exposed through service
type ClusterIP Type of exposed service. Defaults to cluster-only
clusterNS cluster.local k8s default DNS name
auth gohome: password List of users for the broker