NSQ is a perfect service bus for in-house usage.

chart: nsq repo website

NSQ is a light-weight pub/sub service bus, written in Go and it’s perfect for simple in-house installation.

WARN Authentication is not supported as of now.

Configuration options

Section Param Default Description
nameOverride Use this to override name of the chart
namespace default Namespace to install app into
image gohomeio/nsq Image name
tag 1.1.0 Image tag
pullPolicy IfNotPresent When to pull an image
cpu.requests 300m CPU request for the service
cpu.limits 400m CPU limit for the service
memory.requests 100Mi Memory request for the service
memory.limits 200Mi Memory limit for the service
clusterNS cluster.local k8s default DNS name
tcp 4160 nsqd service tcp port
http 4161 nsqd service http port