Fast and reliable backend for state history storage.

chart: influxdb repo website

InfluxDB is a high-performance data store for time-series data. During provisioning

WARN For now default retention policy is used, which is 7 days.

Configuration options

Section Param Default Description
nameOverride Use this to override name of the chart
namespace default Namespace to install app into
storageSize 2Gi Size of the storage
name gohome Database name to create
login Regular user login
password Regular user password
isArm true Flag indicating whether this is an ARM cluster
imageAmd influxdb:1.7.7-alpine AMD docker image
imageArm arm32v7/influxdb:1.7.7-alpine ARM docker image
pullPolicy IfNotPresent When to pull an image
cpu.requests 200m CPU request for the db
cpu.limits 400m CPU limit for the db
memory.requests 256Mi Memory request for the db
memory.limits 512Mi Memory limit for the db
port 8080 HTTP API port
type ClusterIP Type of exposed service. Defaults to cluster-only