Heketi Dashboard

Web based dashboard for the Heketi server.

chart: heketi-ui repo

Heketi UI is a dashboard which provides all vital information about your glusterFS cluster.

Configuration options

Section Param Default Description
nameOverride Use this to override name of the chart
namespace default Namespace to install app into
server Heketi server URL, the same which was used for the Storage Class
username admin Heketi username
password My Secret Heketi password. Those details were provided during the Heketi setup in /etc/heketi/heketi/heketi.json file
image gohomeio/heketi-ui Docker image
tag 1.0.0 Docker image version
pullPolicy IfNotPresent When to pull an image
cpu.requests 100m CPU request for the dashboard
cpu.limits 200m CPU limit for the dashboard
memory.requests 50Mi Memory request for the dashboard
memory.limits 100Mi Memory limit for the dashboard
enabled false Flag indicating whether ingress should be created
host Ingress host
ingressAnnotations Træfik-specific Annotations to apply to ingress

Default ingress annotations

kubernetes.io/ingress.class: traefik
ingress.kubernetes.io/auth-type: "basic"
ingress.kubernetes.io/auth-secret: "k8s-auth"
traefik.ingress.kubernetes.io/redirect-entry-point: https
traefik.ingress.kubernetes.io/redirect-permanent: true

For basic-auth secret you need to generate passwords file first:

htpasswd -c ./auth <your_user>

And then create a secret

kubectl create secret generic k8s-auth --from-file=auth -n <namespace>