Bintray Proxy

Providers download proxy for setup shared plugins.

chart: bintray-proxy

If you’ve chosen to use shared RWX persistent storage for storing providers, this application might come in handy to avoid errors due to parallel access to same providers.

Configuration options

Section Param Default Description
nameOverride Use this to override name of the chart
sharedStorage gh-go-home Name of the shared PVC used by go-home
namespace default Namespace to install app into
image gohomeio/bintray-proxy Docker image
tag 1.0.3 Docker image version
pullPolicy IfNotPresent When to pull an image
cpu.requests 100m CPU request for the proxy
cpu.limits 100m CPU limit for the proxy
memory.requests 50Mi Memory request for the proxy
memory.limits 100Mi Memory limit for the proxy
port 9090 HTTP API port
type ClusterIP Type of exposed service. Defaults to cluster-only